Rafting in the guil "Le Queyras"

A beautiful country with diverse and spectacular landscapes, France is a busy tourist spot all the year round. Home to several renowned rivers, France is a paradise for all lovers of natural beauty. More so, the French rivers have the ideal condition for indulging into a variety of water recreational activities among which whitewater rafting holds a prominent position.
The best action, however, is observed in the French Alps, which sports the finest rafting rivers. Among the long list of waterways, there is the River Guil, a special river that takes you far away from the civilized world and brings you to the land of long gorges, canyons and frothy waves. The Guil travels through two beautiful gorges, named as “les combes”, which are built from bare rock. The first gorge figures into a natural moat and the second one, famous as “the guardian angel”, is quite challenging portion of the entire river. Right from here, the river now flows through several steep rapids.


rafting on the Guil


The river then flows all through its course till it reaches the “King’s Leap” dam.
This impressive Guil River is simply the perfect destination for all rating enthusiasts, as you are sure to meet some crashing waves and challenging rapids as you flow on your kayak. The whitewaters will excite you and set your adrenalin rushing. As the waters splash at your face and the chilling air hurls through your hair, you will surely enjoy the scenic beauty of the riverside all along your rafting expedition. The Guil River with its class IV and V rapids gives the rafters ample scope to cut through the waves and test their rafting skills.  


15 years and able to swim.

equipment provided

Neoprene, wind cut, life jacket, helmet, paddle.

Hardware Requirements

Swimsuit and towel if you wear glasses, keep them predict what

Duration and period of activity

1h30 to 2h on the river from April to September period Responsbilite Civil Professional Insurance framingt


rafting Durance :St Clement / Embrun. ...3 hours. € 35.00

rafting Durance :Argentiere La Besse / Embrun ..one Day........ € 55.00

Sports (raft Guil -, raft Gyr-  raft Guisane) ..3 hours.. .....€ .49.00

rafting Durance :Argentiere / famyli

......2 hours.........€ .29.00


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Toutes nos activités sont encadrées par  trois  moniteurs diplômés d état option hautes riviere et kayak  et agréé par le ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports