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kayaking children
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Kayak in the Alps

Kayaking is one of those sports that absolutely necessitates that a person takes lessons and maybe even attend a whitewater kayaking school. Everything from getting into a whitewater kayak, to learning how to stay balanced in the boat, to actually paddling in a straight path requires lessons and much practice. This shouldn't intimidate anyone from taking up the sport as the excitement of learning is part of the fun. While it is true that most people learn how to whitewater kayak from friends who are already proficient paddlers there are many others who are drawn to this type of kayaking but have no guidance on where to begin. Even the paddlers who have learned from their friends often miss some key tips that an intermediate lesson will help impro



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Located on the the south Alps Durance River, the Crepin Eaux Vives offers beginning, intermediate and advanced classes in whitewater kayaking.




Toutes nos activités sont encadrées par  trois  moniteurs diplômés d état option hautes riviere et kayak  et agréé par le ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports