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kayak enfant hautes alpes
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Whitewater kayaking or canoeing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while choosing your level of adventure. Saint Crepin Eaux Vives offers white water kayaking and canoeing lessons on the Durance River in the ALps  to suit every level of paddler, from kayaking for beginners to advanced.



kayaking and canoeing

Our kayaking and canoeing,  all our activities are supervised by qualified instructors state option high river and approved by the Youth and Sports in french and tailor every clinic to your needs. Whether you are interested in an introduction to the sport of kayaking or canoeing or taking your kayaking skills to the next level with a playboating, river rescue or other clinic, our kayak school has a course for you.
Learning to kayak is easy! You can start kayaking or canoeing at almost any age, and your progress is limited only by your adventurous spirit! Our instructional paddling programs are set up to offer a variety of ways to enter the sport and a number of paths to follow once you are a whitewater kayaker or canoeist:



Toutes nos activités sont encadrées par  trois  moniteurs diplômés d état option hautes riviere et kayak  et agréé par le ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports