school kayak junior
school kayak junior
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Hot Dog or Canoe raft in the Alps

These are known as hot dogs, and inflatable kayaks or canoes, (and air boats in France), and it is the same principle. You can take these canoes out alone or with a partner, following the expert advice of your instructor.
Only your position in the boat and its shape change.

Equipment: wetsuit, wind stopper, life jacket and helmet.

Practical tip: take shoes (trainers) for walking in the water.


10 years and able to swim.

equipment provided

Neoprene, wind cut, life jacket, helmet, paddle.

Hardware Requirements

Swimsuit and towel if you wear glasses, keep them predict what

Durée et periode

1h30 to 2h on the river from April to September period Responsbilite Civil Professional Insurance framingt


discovery 33 euro - Argentiere la besse a Saint Crepin ( 11km )

Sensation 39 euro - Saint Clement Embrun ( 16 Km)


Able to swim 25 meters


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Toutes nos activités sont encadrées par  trois  moniteurs diplômés d état option hautes riviere et kayak  et agréé par le ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports